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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Yes we are all experiencing quite a change in our life's trajectory. With Jupiter in Pisces for half of the year (2022) and then in the sign of Aries for the other half we have the ability to experience "Heaven on Earth". Both Cosmic frequencies offer Spiritual Awakenings, Beginnings, and Endings! The Golden Ticket Image depicts my visions for ones ability to Co-Create your Fate/Destiny by applying the discipline of Hope, Faith, and Trust to one's every day life. All in all it's Soul Evolution on a Micro/Macro Scale! Pisces is Universal Love and Jupiter wants to raise everyone's vibration higher and higher. Aries is the Creator/Creatrix energy and wants us all to take some risks, take a chance, and move forward.

There will always be an external chaos in one way or another that ignites change in order for us to evolve. The objective to consider is applying inner peace so that the chaos around you will orbit in a way that is subjective to your experience. You can dream big and you can make your dreams come true.

All the love for 2022!

-James Joseph L. R.

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