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Metaphysical Me

First things first.  What does Metaphysical actually mean.  Well the best definition comprises on how we view relationships.  Metaphysical is looking at and studying the nature of our relationship between ourselves on an individual/collective level with that of the cosmos/the universe. It's the idea of how nature relates to nature.  We are of nature! We are nature!


It is looking at synchronicities that exist in all forms. It is utilizing the plethora of divinatory tools to help unlock and uncover the ancient knowledge that has been given to us. The magic that literally is encoded in our DNA!

There is no wrong or right way in how we do these things, but there definitely is a way to start the process. It requires discipline which besets freedom.  In actuality Discipline is Freedom!

Mine always begins with some kind/form of meditation, following with an invocation, which then leads me to look at the astrology, numerology, the tarot, and the tree of life to just name a few!

We develop the discipline and the intention to vibrate higher than the given frequency when we are challenged on the physical plane. This has the ability to open so much more into our psyche.  The ultimate goal is to integrate our mind, body, and soul to work in balance.

I am James Joseph, yes that is my full first name and I am a Metaphysical Facilitator, using a plethora of the modalities you are now exposed to either by just visiting LHB Soul Center or by your own personal studies and interest.

My goal here is to integrate my knowledge and tools for love, health, and beauty. Metaphysical art joining with Aesthetic art is powerful and can truly help one find the confidence needed to make those necessary steps forward.

Always evolving,

James Joseph L. Rosenfield















"When  you believe in Magic(k),

then your life will be filled with it!" 

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