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Custom Core
Barre EmPowered

I think it's truly important to know that we all have the ability to tap into a physical energy that we underestimate more than we realize.  Most of this energy tends to be driven in the mental plane.  Where we overthink and use that energy to make our thoughts not our own.  This is debilitating and there's always a time for new beginnings to implement a mind-body connection.

It is through health and fitness that we can integrate that energy into a physical, healthy well being that you can tap into for strength and endurance which will lead to balance, stability, power, and overall confidence.

My love for health and fitness brought me to complete a National Accreditation in Sports Medicine (NASM). After years of training and teaching a plethora of fitness modalities such as Cross-Fit, HIIT Training, Strength Training, Stability Training, Boxing, and so on, my body took a turn and underwent a double hernia surgery.  I had to find a way to continue my fitness passion without sabotaging my recovery.  This brought me to Pilates and Barre.


It is now through years of continued education that I am able to continue my journey as a certified personal trainer, teacher, and forever student.  

Join now for a Personal Training Health Experience with me to customize a fitness routine for your unique energy!

Love, Health, and Beauty,

James Joseph L. Rosenfield

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