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The Tarot

Reveal, affirm, and find confirmation with divine insight and purpose.  Have fun with who you are and find a constructive way to elevate.

Astrology Chart Curiosity

Learn about your soul's purpose and intentions in this lilfetime!  Using science and intuition we explore your unique astrological blueprint.

Soul Exposure

Think of this as a deep dive into the psyche.  Using a plethora of ancient knowledge to experience a clearer connection to your mind, body, and soul. Includes tarot, astrology, and numerology!


Offering one on one and/or group classes on metaphysical studies such as astrology, the tarot, and our relationship to the universe.

Soul Support
Solar Eclipse
Astrology Transits

Looking at an Astrological Transit Bi-Wheel Chart for your specific Birthday will help you integrate Potential Cosmic Planetary Energies!


There is so much hidden meaning and deep symbolism to your Name, your Birthdate, and the Numbers that accompany it.  Unlock and discover.


"James Joseph has such a delightful way of sharing the ancient wisdom of the stars and key pieces about the unfoldment of your Destiny with laser-sharp accuracy, deep intuition, encouraging positivity, and sprinkles of good-natured humor, all given through the lens of his gigantic heart.  He delivers critical life details and poignant spiritual messages while making you feel like you are wrapped in a cozy blanket with a hot cup of tea and a good friend.  He will hug your heart and hold your hand as he lights up the path of your highest Expression."

-"Trainer of Heroes"-Annie Botticelli

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