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Beauty Services

*These custom unique services are on site/location only.  LHB Soul Center is currently located and operated within Epiphany North Inc. Hair Design.  

Eyes and Brows
Waxing & Waning

Your Moon Sign in Astrology is on of the most important aspects to look at in ones Astrological Chart.  Where it is located and how it shapes and makes you feel who you are is the perfect  combo to the  Brow Experience that includes waxing, shaping, and tinting.

The First House Experience

An invigorating scalp massage using essential oils combined with a look at where Aries and your 1st House is located in your unique Astrological blue print/chart reading. Unlock more knowledge and insight at how you use your Crown Chakra and Clear Your Head!

Blow-Dry & Starshine

A relaxing Shampoo, Blow-Out, and Style with a look at where you are meant to Shine in your unique Astrological Design! An Astrological Chart Reading is part of this unique service.

Image by Jessica Felicio
The Beauty Constellation

A metaphysical beauty consultation!  Combining the astrology chart or tarot reading with a unique experience to gather insight on your internal and external design and style.

Retrograde Reiki

RElax, REassess, and REset with Reiki.  An ancient practice using energy pathways and gateways for clarity and alignment. Where the planet Mercury resides in your Astrological Chart can help you understand how your body moves and uses all that electrifying Metaphysical Energy.

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