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Celestial Vibes 2024

We are entering a conciousness shift this year! Pluto & The Sun both entered into the sign of Aquarius within the same 24 hours this year, which is a powerful synchronicity. Pluto in Evolutionary Astrology represents our Soul, Aquarius represents the Collective, Humanity, and above all HOPE! Pluto also rules the sign of Scorpio and hasn't been in the sign of Aquarius since the 1700's around the time major revolutions happened that intiated major changes that challenged and shaped our future. Aquarius is THE FUTURE! The amount of cosmic synchronicities that I can continue naming can become endless so moving on...get ready to shed so many outdated attachments we tend to cling onto because change can be very uncomfortable. THAT'S THE POINT! Change is inevitable and promotes necessary evolution to occur. Aquarius is an Air sign that influences technology, innovations, and optimal use of our energy in all ways. When you examine The Star card of the Tarot we also uncover some "biblical" ties. I definitley foresee our 2024 being more biblical in celestial ways such as more connections to angels and other entities that are supporting our soulful endeavors here! When in doubt ask for those signs that offer reassurance, but more importantly LOVE. I'm sure you've heard of the Holy Guardian Angel...well that's YOU just a future more evolved version of you!. You can harness the energy that exists within you to tap into what your Holy Guardian Angel wants you to connect to. We will continue to see how we are more than just physical matter. We can integrate our non-physical matter into this existence and watch how that magic(k) soars through our very bloodstream. We are of the stars just as we are of the earth we live on.

I wish you all the best 2024 has to offer us and know in my heart that with all of these electrifying shifts we are loved and supported!

Always evolving, James Joseph L. Rosenfield

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