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Psychic Advancement 2023

I'm calling this year the LUNAR YEAR! Money, debts owed to us will become available for us in 2023! This is when we can experience an UPGRADE in abundance.

The two cards that came to the aid for our annual cosmic message are The Chariot & Ace of Cups!

There are bound to be a ton of synchronicities that will establish what the year ahead will incorporate.

They all seem to stem from our chakra/energy body. The expansion of our chakra system is imminent this year and will advance to other out of body chakras. Psychic abilities and the range of how that will be used among all of us will also be a big theme this year. Luck, abundance, and wisdom will elevate for some of us. More and more people will find themselves in yet another ascension period to help raise our collective consciousness, our collective awareness, and our overall WHOLENESS!

The Chariot correlates to the zodiac sign of Cancer. This shows that this year will also involve more vulnerabilities, connections to loves ones and the beautiful high vibration essence of L O V E.

The Ace of Cups is also a powerful sign for GOD FORCE ENERGY. There is a proffered Cosmic Gift for all of us waiting to be received. Gifting us with the golden nectar of the Cosmos. Again the birthing of more ascending souls than ever before will occur this year!

Both of these cards represent the Collective Emotional Status/Intelligence, water energy, which is even more fitting for the year of the Water Rabbit. Psychic awareness will be enhanced. What you feel, I'll feel, and we will all feel.

In closing, keep your intentions and prayers focused on abundance and I know it will show up for you in a variety of ways.

Always evolving,

James Joseph L. Rosenfield

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